Sony A7SII

January 15, 2016 thfblog

Putting the Sony A7SII through its paces, as well as myself in regards to Davinci Resolve.  I was pretty happy with most of the results we were getting.  The snow still looked to yellow in the highlights at the end, and there was one or two shots where I crushed the shadows far to harshly.  What’s the point in dynamic range if I am just going to nix it in post?

All in all it was a hard day of shooting.  Three locations, rain, snow, water, and ice were all against us.

Also at the beginning of the day while I was leaving the Amazon Basic Camera bag I just bought fell apart on me.  The top strap tore on one side.  The other side of the strap has yet to come apart despite my best efforts.  It is going back to Amazon and we are going to try another bag.

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