Sony A7SII Sunspot issues may be PAL only

November 10, 2015 thfblog


Sony has released a firmware update to resolve the BLACK SPOT issue.

Firmware update Ver.1.10 for ILCE-7SM2

  • Fixes an issue where a black spot appears when recording brightly lit objects in PAL 25p, with certain color management profiles.

Link to firmware update.

If you’ve been looking into the new Sony A7sII you will see a lot of favorable reviews, and first impression videos but if you look a little deeper you’ll see something pretty horrifying.

The Black SPOT

The black spot is reminiscent of what happened to BlackMagic with their Black Magic Cinema Camera.  The camera is interpreting the direct light from the sun as a black information-less spot, with a purple fringe.

These videos show the issue:

Sony was requested to make a statement about this issue but so far it is radio silence.

Further investigation leads me to believe that this is a PAL only issue and not NTSC.  So far the people who have provided positive reviews when asked in private have stated that they were using the camera in NTSC.

So it appears to be a firmware issue when shooting with 4k in 25p.

If I hear anything else I’ll add an update to this post.

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