Improve Adobe Premiere CC 2015 Performance

November 29, 2015 thfblog

Do not preview your timeline in “Color” tab.


That’s it, it’s that simple.  Previewing solely from the “Editing” tab will provide much better performance.


“Well why is that Taylor?”  Glad you asked.


A long time ago when I was first getting into Color Correction and Grading I was using CS5 when I started this path.  Back then and all the way to CC 2015 you had to manually select a reference monitor to display your Waveforms and Scopes.  Now you only have to select the Color tab and that is pretty awesome.

I was recently working on some 4k footage and noticed that the playback was abismal.  And for the life of me could not figure out why.  I then thought okay, I’ll simply pre-render the footage come back in a few and edit away.  Pre-rendered the 4k video and still the playback was terrible…

PRE-RENDERED 4k on a i7-5820k…resulted in over 75% dropped frames…PRE-RENDERED!

I started to investigate noticing that a lot of others were having this issues despite having better hardware than I.  So it did not appear to be a hardware issue, okay, so let’s see if we can replicate this phenomena in CS6!


I added the same footage added the same effects and then pre-rendered…and then smooth playback, zero dropped frames.

How is that even possible?

Well because I was previewing and watching pre-renders in the Color tab.

And then I opened the reference monitor in CS6 and the same issue occurred again with pre-rendered timeline sequences, massive dropped frames and the system was acting like nothing was even going on.

I am not certain of this, especially with how the computer’s resource monitoring shows little to no change when previewing the footage in a tab with Waveforms and without.  Nevertheless my hypthesis is that since Adobe has to render and simulate every single pixel of color possible, available, etc, and display them as millions and millions of colored dots on a graph must require a certain level of advanced computational power (computational power? like I know what I’m sayin’ pff).  So the resources are all being directed towards the graphs for maximum accuracy while the minimal resources are being diverted for playback.

So in CC 2015 as soon as you apply a look, LUT, correct, grade, etc, and you want to pre-render your timeline, make sure you are on the Editing Tab NOT the Color or EFFECTS tab, which is also effected by this phenomenon.  




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