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August 28, 2016 thfblog

If you want to add another element to your footage to make it feel a little more cinematic, sometimes aspect ratio bars can give your film a little boost.


Here is a list of Links of FREE Aspect Ratio:

  • Tom Antos Aspect Ratio Bars
    • 4K resolution
    • 4K UHD
    • 2K
    • Full HD
  • CineBlur’s Aspect Ratio Bars
    • Here are the included aspects:
    • 1.50:1 – Classic 35mm.
    • 1.85:1 – Common US widescreen cinema standard.
    • 2.35:1 – Anamorphic. Common in cinemas.
    • 2.40:1 – Anamorphic. Common in cinemas and Blu-Rays.
    • 2.55:1 – Original aspect of CinemaScope.
    • 2.75:1 – Ultra Panavision 70
    • 3.00:1 – Super Widescreen
  • Vashi Visuals
    • Lots of unique and rarely used Aspect Ratio bars here


Another thing to keep in mind is that some of these overlays will add the black bars but at the edge of the black bars will be a hard white edge.  Simply change the opacity of the overlay to “Multiply” and this will adjust the overlay properly.


Why do this?

As mentioned before it can create the illusion of a more cinematic look to your film.  Technically Aspect Ratio is meant to be shot and essentially changes the entire way you see the image.  640px-Aspect_Ratios_and_Resolutions.svg


Another reason to use the bars is that it allows you to digitally reframe your image on the vertical axis only, when dealing with Full HD.  This can be useful to some that might have left too much head space on their subject.


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