Do not overgrade

November 6, 2015 thfblog

For Color Correction, do not overgrade.

Overgrading for the sake of style and sacrificing the quality of image is not color correction and it is poor grading.

I don’t care how much the style “just works” if there is macroblocking and noise dancing at 100MPH you are making it is unusable.


If you over grade, or add so much “style” (saturation), into an already compressed video you will get Macroblocking, and it will accentuate the noise to impossible-to-not-notice-even-by-the-laymen standards.

  • If you are a client, please stop making your DITs do this.
  • If you are a “DIT” stop doing this, because it is amateur.   

“But I’ll use a denoiser…”

No you won’t, not that simple for a shot like this.  The amount of denoiser or neatvideo passes for a clip like this would turn the person being interviewed into mashed potatoes.

You would need to mask the bookshelf itself and add denoiser or heck even gaussian blur directly to it.  Then you could run a simply small pass of Red Giant’s Cosmo, and a small pass of denoiser to the overall image.

However a lot of this would have been avoidable in the first place if they didn’t stretch the image so hard.  4:2:0 only goes so far!  If you want more colors, get a 4:2:2 camera.  If you want all the colors get a 4:4:4 camera.

But please stop trying to pass this garbage off as though you know what you are doing.


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