“But I’m a photo guy”

January 14, 2016 thfblog

I’m just a “photo guy”

I recently stumbled upon a post where the OP was requesting assistance on fixing a blown out highlights and underexposing the subject (an interview) more balanced.

Their excuse for why they screwed up the shot was that “I was just helping out a friend, and I’m a photo guy.”


Exposure is exposure.  Cinematographers often take incredible stills because they take the core aspects of camera operation and apply them properly.

Look up Chivexp on instagram.

This is Emmanuel Lubezki, the cinematographer from the film Revenant.  His account is awesome!

Being a photographer does not excuse you from the basic aspects of exposure.  This is not a photo guy, this is a hack who has been acting like he knows more than he actually does and now his friend’s project is suffering from it.  Stay on the sidelines dude, let people who actually care handle this.

When you are your friend are just messing around and you are both just learning fine make mistakes and enjoy the experience by all means.  But don’t throw this BS about how your footage is crap because you are a photographer.  Exposure is exposure Photo Guy.

Remember “FEW”



White Balance



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